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I am a post-graduate with a 2.1 degree in English Language and Literature with no job...

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1984, 3rd rock from the sun, acdc, ace ventura (both), airplane 1+2, all monty python, all quiet on the western front, american dad, anchorman, annie hall, arcade fire, bad religion, black books, blazing saddles, bloc party, bloodhound gang, bob dylan, bones, brand new, c. s. lewis, dark star, deep purple, doctor who, dogs die in hot cars, donnie darko, douglas adams, dracula, drinking, elbow, exercising, family guy, fawlty towers, fear and loathing in las vegas, fight club, firefly, foo fighters, full metal jacket, futurama, garth marenghi's darkplace, green day, green wing, hair, heroes, high fidelity, hunter s. thompson, iain banks, interpol, iron maiden, isaac asimov, jack/ianto, jamie t, johnny thunders, jon ronson, kingdom hospital, kings of leon, life on mars, logan's run, lone wolf and cub comics, lord of the rings, love and death, marx brothers, merlin, merlin/arthur, mighty boosh, motorhead, muse, nathan barley, new york dolls, night watch, office space, paper moon, peep show, placebo, pulp fiction, radiohead, ramones, reading, rebel without a cause, red dwarf, red hot chili peppers, rem, remo: the destroyer comics, resevoir dogs, richard hell and the voidoids, robots in disguise, rolling stones, scrubs, serenity, shaun of the dead, sleeper, smashing pumpkins, snuff box, spaced, spongebob squarepants, star trek, stellastarr*, stephen king, terry pratchett, the beatles, the crimea, the dresden files, the dresdon dolls, the feeling, the fisher king, the front, the hobbit, the it crowd, the maccabees, the midwich cuckoos, the picture of dorian gray, the raconteurs, the riches, the short-timers, the simpsons, the spinto band, the strokes, the twilight zone, the white stripes, the young ones, the zutons, thunder, tim burton, torchwood, tron, true romance, velvet underground, vnv nation, whats up tiger lily, withnail & i, x-men trilogy, young frankenstien
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